"Come on in...

The Earth
Like the Sun
Like the air
Belongs to everyone.
And, to no one".

Edward Abbey
The Black Rock Desert is one of those rare spiritual places of the earth.  It's hostile, yet fragile.  Silent and still one moment, raging with wind and storm the next.  A beautiful place to visit for a while.  Not a friendly place to stay.

Out on the playa, the conditions are optimal for observing mirages.  Rare optical phenomena such as parabolic magnification (between two air masses with differing temperature/densities), that can create a condition where objects appear closer than they actually are, causing the observer to perceive false distances.  Looming and inverted-image mirages can be seen occasionally.
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When the sun is low on the horizon, a varnish that forms on the undisturbed areas of the playa, reflects the light of the sun like the reflection you'd see on water.

In the night sky, The Milky Way Galaxy can be seen from nearly horizon to horizon.  Our galaxy is oriented along the length of the playa, giving a feeling of integration.  A beautiful picture surrounded by the appropriate frame.

This is a place of fascinating geologic and human history.  Hot springs, tufa formations and interesting historical sites and events to learn of.  A rock-hounds dream, if you know where to look.  A place of grand solitude that inspires deep contemplation and self-assessment.

May it always remain so!