This page is homage to the people and places I got to know during my stay with the California Conservation Corps.  I can't believe it's been so long ago.

A lot of good memories:

After I got out of the Army, I still wanted to pursue fire fighting as a career. In an effort to possibly get into the CDF (now known as CalFire), I joined the CCC. After nearly a year of looking for anything to do with fire control, the CCC was going to have to do. (The CCC turned out to be some of the most enjoyable times in my life). Unfortunately, the year I joined the C's, the only thing going on in California were floods. So much for my dismal pursuit of being a banana-suit-clad baked potato. I still got involved in plenty of cutting fire breaks, trail cutting and sand bagging. I met up with a guy named Fred Rhodes at the CCC Academy and he convinced me to get into the Plant Operations department at the old CCC Academy up in San Andreas, California. That got me started in an entirely new direction. I got into construction, remodeling, building maintenance and some historic building preservation projects. I even did a one year stint down in the San Bernardino Center being a Carpenter's Apprentice. I met a lot of very interesting people while I was in the CCC. I feel fortunate to have been involved with the Corps. I seldom had a camera during those years. I do have a picture or two that I'm proud of though...

During the 1984 Summer Olympics, we got together with some of the other local CCC Centers in the area and had our own Olympic games! There were several events. One of the events I got involved with was the Tug-of-war. We decided that we were going to put our all into winning this event. We practiced by pulling a 5 ton stake-side truck around! Well, we won. The San Bernardino Sun was there and took a picture of our bad-ass tug-of-war team.

I also got involved in something cool during the San Bernardino County Fair in 1984. Because I was 24 years old, I was considered a crusty old man of the world (in the C's, 24 is a haggard old bastard). Since I had been in the Army, "I could teach everybody the basics of marching". So, I got to help put together a drill team to march and call cadence at the Fair. We bloused our uniform trousers and practiced drill and ceremony for a week. The San Bernardino CCC Center got to help open the 1984 San Bernardino County Fair. We looked sharp.
Here are my CCC shoulder patches and year pins: