The California Capital Airshow has had good success with large turnouts over the past few years.  Supporting the Airshow is a great way for SHARP Volunteers to stay practiced in setting up communication circuits using Amateur Radio. One of the modes SHARP has been using is D-Star digital radio and D-Rats software for text-chat in the high-noise environment.

I have worked along the perimeter of the airfield and inside the Airshow as well. The last four years, I've been working in the Med Tents.  This is where text-over-radio is essential.  When the 'jets are up', it's nearly impossible to hear what's going on over the voice radios.

At the Med Tents; SHARP helps support the Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps.  The MRC takes care of general first aid issues like heat exhaustion and hydration, bandages, earplugs, etc.  SHARP assists with security issues, missing persons and lost and found.  The Med Tents stay quite busy throughout the day!

The SHARP Coordinators have received compliments from the Airshow Organization and from the DHS for the services we provide!

I have enjoyed the opportunity to help out with radio communications at the Capital Airshow at Mather Field for the past few years.  The Sacramento SHARP (SHeriffs's Amateur Radio Program) assists with security as well as health and welfare radio traffic at various locations around the airfield.  It's an enjoyable way to serve the public and assist the Sacramento Sheriff's Department with thier mission.

Its great way to check out the California Capital Airshow, too!!