I think I'll just call this my Blagg.  I'm not the best at keeping a web log current and concise, so, a lagging log on the web might be best described as a blagg.  Just riffin' here, but I think I'll go with that for awhile.

[24 July 2014]  After having some problems with my ISP and then with my domain name, my website has been down for a time.  I had to change my billing and had some difficulties authenticating my domain name. Then, after some wrangling with 'Yahoo Small Business Support' and some problems with my FTP software, it took me awhile to get all these issues resolved.

I've done some updates and corrections.  It's just a bare-bones vanity site with very little design.  I'm certainly no web designer, but I do like messing around with graphics and posting some of my pictures.

I'm using SiteSpinner to cobble this together and I'm happy with it.  [any web design folk that might stumble across this site would be less than inspired].

So, my domain is back up and operational.  I hope to add more content soon...

"No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try."