I will put my radio equipment information here in the future...
Welcome to my cyber-shack!

My interest in hobby rocketry got me started in ham radio.
I became interested in Radio Direction Finding
and GPS so I could track rockets with a radio to greatly improve the chances of finding them again.  Ham radio as a hobby, has so many 'spin-off' disciplines and areas of interest, that there is no end to the education and fascination radio has to offer! There is also a practical and utilitarian need for Amateur Radio communications in emergency situations.

I studied for my Technician Class License and passed it in March 2005.  I have since upgraded to General Class in April 2008.

A good way for a new ham to get some real experience with the various radio bands and operating modes is to get into the local emergency communications organizations
and clubs.   It's a great way to learn and give back to the community.